Anne-Marie discute danse avec (Un) Boxed

Dans le cadre du Fringe Festival, Samedi le 9 juillet- 9h15 pm et dimanche le
10 juillet à 12h00 pm Restriction is a word that resonates in all of us. It
conjures up a catalogue of different images and associations that we contend
with daily. What do we feel are societal constraints versus ones resulting from
our own perceptions, beliefs or insecurities. How do we deal with all this?
Jay9 Dance Projects is proud to present the premiere of (un)boxed at the 2016
Toronto Fringe Festival. This new full-length contemporary dance production
weaves together several different vignettes and acts that explore the theme of
restrictions. A diversely talented group of dancers investigate their landscape
trying to see what holds them back and what allows them to grow. The work
questions the social norms that we agree to in order to be accepted, and asks
if it is possible to connect to others if we choose to not fit into the box.
What box do you fit in? Directeur artistique: Jannine Saarinen Coordinateur
artistique: Jen Hum collaborateurs: Jamee Valin, Lisa Emmons, Lisa Quaning and
Mateo Galindo-Torres Sur facebook: Jay9 Dance Projects Sur Twitter: @Jay9Dance

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